Custom Painted Crankbait


Have us paint a custom paint job on the bait of your choice!

Fish get used to seeing the same old production painted baits. A custom paint job by the experts at Amistad Tackle Co. gives you an edge over the competition. We use high quality paint and a super tough clear coat. Satisfaction guaranteed on our custom paint work or your money back!

We currently offer the following patterns:


Sexy Shad – The hot color since 2007! A great color anytime shad are the favored forage. When the bass are in post spawn the shad are spawning this is the color you want to have in your tackle box! We always add the dark shad kill spot in the anatomically correct position.

Natural Shad – Light grey back, pearl sides and a touch of chartreuse on the cheeks. A favorite of the pros who fish stained water.

Blue Shad – Flip flop light blue on the back, light grey bars on the side, one light chartreuse line, covered with a flip flop blue mica pearl pigment in the clear coat. This is a killer shad pattern.

Royal Shad – A favorite on Lake Guntersville and anywhere there is grass and big bass. Purple back, pearl sides, chartreuse belly and a touch of orange on the throat. Gold flake mixed in the clear coat.

Splatterback Texas Red – A favorite early spring bait in Texas. We like the splatter effect of the black on the red. A touch of chartreuse on the chest.

Table Rock Shad – A favorite among jerk baiters everywhere!

Norman Flake – Grey back fading into purple with pearl sides. A lot of violet flake. A great shad imitator.


Sunfish are the main forage of bass in many water bodies, especially lakes that have grass. We have several different variations of sunfish colors because they work! All our sunfish colors have dark “fright lines” on the sides, which signifies a stress or fright response in sunfish. These lines signal come eat me!

Yellow Gill Sunfish – This pattern has lots of yellow, light green and gold highlights. We have had great success with this bait in clear and slightly murky water colors.

Amistad Special Red Ear Sunfish – A time tested favorite with the Amistad boys. A big sunfish meal!

Redear Sunfish Version 2 – A darker version of the popular redear sunfish. Dark brown fright bars. It’s pretty!

Amistad Sunfish – Dark green back with light irridescent blue, light green fright bars, clear orange on the throat fading to clear yellow on the belly. A very nice sunfish pattern.

G.I. Joe – With its dark green base coat, light brown side markings, pearl dusted belly and a dusting of blue metallic on the back, G.I. Joe makes for another great sunfish color from Amistad Tackle.

Natural Gill – Dark green back, dark green sides with light black fright bars.  A light metallic blue on the back and sround the eyes to create a great natural sunfish color. A light dusting of gold flake on the sides to complete the illusion.

Muddy Gill – A good sunfish color for heavily stained or muddy water. Lots of chartreuse and dark green fright bars.

Tilapia – Not in the sunfish family, but a cool pattern!

To have your baits custom painted:

1) Pick your patterns and quantities.
2) Purchase using our convenient shopping cart.
3) Remove all hooks and hook split rings.
4) Label each bait with the pattern desired using masking tape on the bill.
5) Ship your baits to us for painting. Please include your mailing address and phone number.

Our shipping address is:

Amistad Tackle
7916 Keneshaw Drive
Austin, TX 78745

Questions? Email Us

Once we receive your baits we can usually turn them around in two to three weeks depending on sales volume.

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