Crankbait Painting: The Basics DVD

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Matching the hatch is an important part of bass fishing and most factory paint jobs just don’t cut it. Custom painting crankbaits is a great way to gain the edge on the competition.

This is the video that you have been waiting for to teach you how to paint crankbaits! Nowhere else do you get complete instructions from a pro on how to custom paint crankbaits the way you want them. You'll find the information you need on how to custom paint and modify your baits so they look just like the forage in the water you fish.

See the process from beginning to end including the following sections:

  • - Equipment needs and recommendations
  • - Crankbait paint types and color patterns/inspirations
  • - How to paint a crankbait with an airbrush
  • - Adding eyes, shad spots and gill arches to crankbaits
  • - Adding a super tough clear coat to protect your crankbait from scratches and damage
  • - Airbrush techniques
  • - Foiling crankbaits with a scale pattern
  • - 3 complete crankbait patterns (shad, sunfish, splatter-back)
  • - Bonus section on modifying crankbaits

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As of November 2, 2013 we are sold out of crankbait painting DVD's.  We will have more soon.  If you want a DVD immediately they are available at online retailers Jann's Netcraft and Barlow's Tackle.  The digital download option is always available.